Baby Clothing Distributors

Through our eCommerce services, you’ll be able to cut production time and get top-notch baby clothing at low prices. All your collections will comply with international quality standards as our team pays special attention to quality inspection. Additionally, you can avail of cheap and secure shipping methods that will save your 50% budget.

Baby Clothing Wholesale Distributors

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Sourcing Baby Clothing Suppliers

With our fast sourcing, you will receive the best and most good quality products. We get your product delivered directly from the manufacturers in a few business days. Through our strategic sourcing, you can save your maximum budget and time.

Baby Clothing Quality Control

We arrange quality checks at the factory before delivering kids’ wholesale clothing to your doorstep. You will receive complete satisfaction for quality as our in-house quality system ensures the sustainability and durability of your clothing.

Kontrola kvality výrobku
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Baby Clothing

From designing customized labels to photography and packaging experience, you will get unbeatable private label services for baby clothes. You will also get adorable gift packaging to amaze your customers with a jaw-dropping delivery experience.

Dropshipping a plnění

You can start your dropshipping brand at low prices. We will deliver trendy kids wholesale clothing to your customers in a short delivery time, plus all the stock will be delivered worldwide by 18 securable shipping methods.

Dropshipping a plnění

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As far as quality goes, my experience with LeelineSourcing has been remarkable. The clothing stock I got through them is truly appreciated by my customers, leading to increased sales. Furthermore, they offer 24/7 customer service which is second to none. I would highly recommend them.

– Steve, New York

Source Your Baby Clothing and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality baby clothing to help you boost your business.

Top 10 Baby Clothing Wholesale Distributors

The bar for baby velkoobchodní distributoři oděvů has been raised as people pay more attention to baby clothing and are willing to spend a lot to keep their babies comfortable. In 2019, USD 64.04 billion was the global baby apparel market size, expected to reach USD 82.54 billion by 2027.

Wholesalers can source better products and back them up with better selling strategies. Due to high competition, you must spend more time researching the best supply at wholesale prices. As being in the E-commerce field for over a decade, we have shortlisted the 10 reputable baby clothing wholesale distributors.  

Keep reading every kid’s wholesale clothing distributor and learn how they can be best for you.

Top 10 Baby Clothing Wholesale Distributors

1. Královský oděv

Královské oblečení

Královské oblečení is a clothing company for babies, children, and adults. As an eco-friendly manufacturer, they use recycled polyester, Oeko-tex certified dyes, organic cotton fabrics, and organza spandex laces in their clothes. As a union shop, they can produce baby clothes at competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

 With their prices starting at $4 per piece, they offer some of the lowest wholesale prices, plus the best clothing styles are guaranteed. Royal Apparel is a union shop that makes infant clothing in sweatshop-free conditions and has been doing so for over 30 years.

Primární produkty:

  • Organic clothes
  • Tílka
  • Tees
  • Organic Fleece
  • Oblečení pro batole
  • American Made T-shirts


  • 866.769.2517

Hodiny operace:

  • Pondělí - pátek 9:00 - 5:30 EST


  • 91 Cabot Court Hauppauge, New York 11788

2. Emerson And Friends

Emerson And Friends

Emerson and Friends introduce the concept of modern and stylish wholesale baby clothing. They produce remarkable clothes for babies, toddlers, infants, and adults. They are the right dodavatel of boys and girls and Bambini infant wear. 

They manufacture beautiful, soft, viscose clothing products that look and feel cozy for children. They also pay great head to eco-friendliness and make sure to produce durable wholesale baby clothing. All games go well with their top-notch manufactured clothing. The amazing thing is they also deliver gift boxes to surprise someone with a token of love. 

They are one of the retailers that provide several services under one umbrella and introduce new styles and trends to the market.  Their accessories are remarkable and loved by people.

Primární produkty:

  • Oblečení
  • Obuv
  • Šperky
  • Příslušenství
  • Hračky
  • Home Decor


  • 727 238--3222

Emailová adresa:

Hodiny operace:

  • Monday – Friday 8:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m


  • 620 Hercules Ave. Unit C Clearwater, FL 33765

3. Mommbaby


Maminka is a promising and one of the trending wholesale manufacturers for baby wholesale clothing. They manufacture the softest and most delicate baby clothes with unique and comforting clothing styles.

They have a massive range of kids’ swimwear, children’s apparel, baby clothing, shoes, and accessories for girls and boys of different ages. Various clothing styles are available for parents who wish to display their baby among stylish kids during special occasions. The best thing is that they offer a 50% refund for shipping over $300.

Primární produkty:

  • Obuv
  • zesílení
  • JewJewelrycessories
  • Rompers
  • Maternity Styles Clothing


  • +8618666534918

Emailová adresa:


  • The warehouse in Guangdong, China

4. Hatuo


Hatuo is counted among the top wholesale kids clothing suppliers that excel in best quality children’s clothing and takes a pledge of the best quality fabric. Hatuo store has different styles that suit babies while keeping them comfortable and cheerful for long hours.

With more than 20 years of experience in industrial operations, the products of Hatuo have been exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, etc. They are among the number one suppliers of kid’s clothing that ensure fast worldwide shipping. 

Primární produkty:

  • Baby Rompers
  • Baby Onesies
  • Romper Dresses

Emailová adresa: 


  • Office 201, 2nd Floor, No. 6, Zhonghuan Road, Luocun Street, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

5. HKTDC Sourcing

HKTDC Sourcing

HKTDC is a tremendous wholesale baby clothes store that has clothes for both boys and girls. The clothes are designed for children without getting irritated by the cheap fabric and strange styles. 

This wholesale company is not just concerned about their product’s sales but takes full responsibility for the quality and shipment of the packages.

HKTDC is the manufacturer of baby clothes and gift packs also. They are not just focused on little girls’ beautiful dresses but have trendy and stylish boys’ suits and boys’ outfits. This wholesale store has baby gifts and different accessories to give customers with best purchasing experience.

Primární produkty:

  • Domácí produkty
  • Šperky
  • Hodinky
  • Hračky
  • Gift Packs


  • (852) 1830


  • 38/F, Office Tower, Convention Plaza, 1 Harbor Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

6. Všechna práva vyhrazena.


Aliexpress has become the number one ranking wholesale retailer in the world. It does not also lag when it comes to baby clothing. They have a vast and impressive collection of baby products, and free returns are exceptional.

They even give buyers a chance to become sellers. People buy products in bulk and then sell them to earn more money. When it comes to quality, there is nothing that can compete with AliExpress.

They have several suppliers and distributors to provide you with a comfortable and stye-oriented collection. In addition, they offer 24/7 customer service, and your investment is protected by a money-back guarantee.

Primární produkty:

  • Příslušenství pro ženy
  • Brýle
  • Tašky
  • Obuv
  • Tools
  • Kosmetické výrobky


  •  + 91 224 233 5233.
  • +8 522 215 5100


  • Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Čína.

7. Kisskissing


KissKissing is a wholesale store where baby clothes are found at reasonable and cheaper rates. They are dedicated to children’s clothing and manufacture for children of all ages. 

In addition to the best quality baby clothes, their sourcing is commendable. Although they deliver at cheaper rates but do not compromise on the quality of their things. Kisskissing offers the best deal for cheap shipping when you order up the specification limit.

Primární produkty:

  • Holiday wear
  • Know Wear
  • Dlouhé kalhoty
  • Halloween kostýmy
  • Párty oblečení


  •  + 86 13312886761  

Emailová adresa:

8. Kiddies World Wholesale

Kiddies World Wholesale

It is a UK-based wholesale supplier company. People looking for fashionable clothes for their boys and girls can visit them. They have anything available that is somehow related to a baby, and their services just do not end on wear or clothing. 

They also have many accessories and toys for children, plus a website that caters to kids’ sentiments is this one.

Lowell, every precious thing is not cheap, but the products are worth it. Their prices are high so is their product quality. They deliver with responsibility while managing fast shipping. 

Primární produkty:

  • Příslušenství
  • Hračky
  • Dárky
  • Šortky
  • Škola nosí


  •  (0113) 243

Emailová adresa:


  • Velká Británie

9. Little Adam and Eve

Little Adam and Eve

Little Adam and Eve is the most reliable wholesale brand for purchasing the best collection of maternity and baby clothes. Made of comfy and durable fabric, they have put effort into manufacturing elegant apparel lines. 

Since 2011, the company has scaled up to a large business and can provide you with a significant variety of ready-to-wear baby dressings.  They have named their wholesale brand cake and co, ready to cater to the needs of hundreds of retailers at a time. Their wholesale selling is started from $350 minimum, below which no wholesale purchase is possible. 

Primární produkty:

  • Zavinovačky
  • soupravy
  • oblečení
  • Boys Outfit
  • Girls Outfit
  • Baby Wears


  • (303) 506-3745


  • 6040 W 59th Ave, Unit E, Arvada, Colorado, 80003, United States

10. Velkoobchod Angel

Velkoobchod Angel

Velkoobchod Angel is a Uk based website that has a variety of categories. It has been amusing its buyers for 12+ years with its innovative ideas. It bases its designs on cartoons and famous characters that are the first love of every kid. They also sell embroidered clothing that looks even more pretty on cute little angels.

They have 1000+ pieces of clothing on their website that their brilliant and talented designers prepare. In addition to offering cancellations and returns, they also check the quality of the product. Without any MOQ, they have a vast collection of 15000 products to shop in bulk. 

Primární produkty:

  • Hračky
  • Řemesla
  • Dětské oblečení
  • Dárky
  • Obal


  • +0116 230 4299

Hodiny operace:

  • Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm


  • Rowena Park Loughborough Road Rothley Leicestershire LE7 7NL

How do you start a baby clothing business?

Internet v dnešní době usnadňuje každému, kdo chce zahájit jakýkoli druh podnikání, a skutečnost, že nyní nepotřebujete fyzické místo, abyste mohli provozovat, to usnadňuje. 

Vždy je dobré začít průzkumem druhu produktů, se kterými se chcete zabývat; podívejte se a vytvořte online platformu na Instagramu nebo Facebooku nebo na jiných místech, ze kterých chcete pracovat, a poté hromadně importujte velkoobchodní dětské oblečení, abyste ušetřili náklady. 

Nyní můžete začít inzerovat svůj produkt na různých online platformách, abyste přilákali zákazníky.

Where can you get high-quality baby clothing in China?

Můžete získat vysoce kvalitní dětské oblečení z různých provincií v Číně, jako je Fujian, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shangdong a mnoho dalších. 

Nalezení společností prodávajících vysokou kvalitu může být náročné, protože jich existuje mnoho. Musíte tedy společnost prozkoumat a porovnat ji s jinými společnostmi. O kvalitě produktu se můžete rychle dozvědět, když se podíváte na recenze a hodnocení ze stránek, jako jsou např Alibaba.

How do you buy wholesale baby clothing?

It starts with defining your needs, such as the things you want to stock up for your business, the quality of the product you wish, and the set budget for purchasing baby clothing from China. From there, you can choose to do it yourself by researching different společnosti z Číny, nebo můžete využít agenta, který vám pomůže produkty prozkoumat, ověřit a odeslat. Zdroje Leeline can help you in looking for great baby výrobci oděvů and ship products for you.

How do you price the baby clothing when selling?

When pricing, ensure the item is between 50% or 70% below the retail price so that you will realize a high-profit margin. 

Obecně se vždy ujistěte, že si spočítáte celkové náklady na nákup produktů dětského oblečení, ať už jde o náklady na dopravu nebo daně, a poté nastavte vyšší cenu, než jsou počáteční náklady na produkty, a jakékoli další náklady, které s tím souvisí.

Hledáte nejlepšího agenta pro čínské zdroje?

Leeline Sourcing vám pomůže najít továrny, získat konkurenceschopné ceny, sledovat výrobu, zajistit kvalitu a dodávat produkty až ke dveřím.

What Does the Baby Clothing Business Entail?

Každý den se rodí nová miminka, což znamená, že budou vyžadovat oblečení, které jim sluší. Dětské oblečení je oblečení, které nejvíce kojenci nosí, a můžete jim také říkat kojenecké oblečení. 
Zahrnují oblečení, které nosí většina novorozenců; proto obchod s dětským oblečením zahrnuje prodej kojeneckého oblečení.

Can You Import Baby Clothing From China?

Můžeš dovoz kojeneckého oblečení za účelem dalšího prodeje z Číny výrobci; koneckonců je předním vývozcem kojeneckého oblečení na světě.
However, before you think about importing, ensure that you engage with a  registered industry, so do proper vetting of the factory before making any purchase. In this case, you can ask Leeline to perform a Tovární audit vaším jménem.
Musíte také ověřit dostupnost produktu, který chcete zakoupit vyvarujte se chyb při importu.

Where Can I Buy Baby Clothing Wholesale in China?

Čína je předním vývozcem kojeneckého oblečení a mají mnoho průmyslových odvětví, která navrhují, vyrábějí, balí a dodávají dětské oblečení.
Můžete je získat manufacturers from Alibaba, AliExpress, Chinabrands, Global Sources a mnoho dalšího. Některé z těchto dětských oděvů Výrobci jsou v Guangdong, Shanghai, Fujian a dalších provinciích v Číně.

What Kind of Baby Clothing Can I Import From China?

Záleží na tom, co hledáte, ale Čína vás zahrnula téměř veškerým dětským oblečením, které můžete prodávat. Seženete dupačky, body, šaty, kalhoty, trička, mikiny pro miminka, pletené svetry, čepice, ponožky, pyžama, čepice. 
 Můžete také získat dětské spací pytle, květináče, dětské deky a doplňky pro miminka.

Which Baby Clothing Products Are the Best to Sell?

Obecně platí, že výrobky dětského oblečení always sell well, but the accessories sell more. Accessories include petroleum jelly, powders, baby oils, and shampoo, leading in sales of baby products. 
Je také skvělé poznamenat, že pokud chcete, aby vaše dítě oblečení produkty k prodeji no, musíte zajistit, že je budete prodávat za rozumné ceny a hlavně prodávat kvalitní kojenecké oblečení.
Doporučené čtení: Nejlepších 30 položek na Dhgate

Is It Safe to Buy Baby Clothing From China?

Většina výrobců kojeneckého oblečení v Číně je legitimní a bude vyrábět dětské oblečení šetrné k životnímu prostředí. Existují však i takové vyrobit oděvy obsahující chemikálie, které mohou poškodit zdraví.
Jako takové, zatímco většina kojeneckého oblečení velkoobchodně dodavatelů v Číně zajistit, že produkty, které získáte, jsou bezpečné, je důležité provést kvalitní prověření továrny a zajistit, aby to nepoškozovalo lidi a životní prostředí.

Is It Hard to Sell Wholesale Baby Clothing Online?

Žádný typ prodeje by neměl být složitý, když máte po ruce ty správné strategie. Pro snadný prodej je nezbytné zajistit, abyste řádně zaúčtovali každou minci, která se dostane nebo odejde z podnikání.
Také byste měli být aktivní na trhu a zajistit, že inzerujete produkty dětského oblečení vhodnému publiku.

How Much Money Do I Need When Importing Wholesale Baby Clothing From China?

Můžete mít tak nízké nebo velké peníze, pokud se díváte na dovoz z číny protože to závisí na vašich osobních preferencích. 
Částka se bude lišit v závislosti na druhu produkt, který dovážíte, the kind of manufacturers you are dealing with, and other things such as shipping and clearance fees.
You can get cheap baby clothes from china for as low as $2, but most times, this amount necessitates that you koupit produkt ve velkém, takže částka se bude vždy lišit.

Sečteno podtrženo

Baby Clothing can generate high revenue. It is something that people are ready to spend a ton of money on. But No one wants to compromise on their baby’s health and comfort, so make sure that your distributor can provide you with eco-friendly and sustainable stock. That’s where you have to put maximum effort.

If you struggle to get the best baby clothing distributor and want bulk goods at a cheap rate, Spojte se s námi. We will find the best deal for you.

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